Currently offering services to Arizona, New Mexico & El Paso, Texas

Proud representative of the food service industry for over 33+ years

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Welcome to GSC Food Service Industry

Currently offering services to Arizona, New Mexico & El Paso, Texas


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meets the highest standards available  in the fooD service industry.

In search of products for your restaurant or food service industry related business? Goff Sales Company offers the following products:

Walk-In Coolers & Freezers, Commercial Non-Walk-In Refrigerators, Freezers, Multi Deck Ovens, Sinks, Sandwich Prep Tops, Pizza Prep Tops, Pizza Ovens, Air Screen Display cases, Meat Grinders, Vacuum Sealers, Food Warmers, Popcorn Machines, French Fry Cutters, Industrial Safes, Sneeze Guards and more...


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Goff Sales Company

We know the Business...

With over 33+ year of experience marketing some of the most respected and prestigious brands in the food service industry, we know more than just a thing or two...


Whether your company is well established or still in its embryonic phase, one thing is for certain. Quality always reigns supreme. If your company will be anticipating the purchase of restaurant or kitchen equipment any time soon, be sure to give a call. We offer the highest quality service and  pristine line of products in all of Arizona, New Mexico & El Paso, Tx.

currently offering service throughout Arizona, New Mexico & El Paso, Texas.